Delete a form


REST API Equivalent. You can use the /config/{app}/flows/{flow}/forms/{form} operation and the DELETE method to delete a form.

Deleting a form can be dangerous. Why? Primarily because deleting a form removes the form definition from the flow, but doesn’t change the fact that your login and registration pages still reference that form. For example, suppose you’re using the JavaScript SDK and you delete the forgotPassword form. Here’s what your users will see if they then click the Forgot Password? link on the sign-in screen:

Why is there an error in displaying information? You got it: because the Identity Cloud is looking for a form that doesn’t exist. Needless to say, it’s not easy, even for the Identity Cloud, to display forms that don’t exist.

That means that you need to consider all the possible ramifications (and take steps to modify your login and registration pages) if you decide to remove a form. This is especially important with Hosted Login, which doesn’t give you access to the HTML markup for your login and registration pages. Because of that, it’s recommended that you consult with your Identity Cloud representative before deleting any of the default Identity Cloud forms.


And what if you do delete a form and then later change your mind? Fortunately, forms are referenced by name and not a unique identifier like a UUID. So suppose you delete the forgotPassword form, and you now regret that. That’s OK: just create a new form named forgotPassword, and you’ll be back in business.

If you decide to delete a form, click the trashcan icon located next to the form:

Doing so displays the following confirmation dialog:

Now just click Delete to delete the form.