Enable or disable social sharing counts


The content on this page deals with a legacy feature of the ​Akamai​ Identity Cloud (in this case, social sharing). If you are currently an Identity Cloud customer and are using social sharing, that feature is still supported. However, if you’re new to the Identity Cloud, social sharing is no longer available.

The Social Sharing widget will display a share count by default. It can be removed entirely or made to appear after a minimum threshold is reached by modifying your shareCountMin global setting or your share-count-min instance setting.

Not all providers support the share count for any sharing method. Native shares will not be included in the share count at all since they do not require a user to interact with the Identity Cloud application. The total share count will include any shares completed through the following providers when using the Identity Cloud UI:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Mixi
  • Twitter