Schema data types

Define the kind of data (Boolean, alphanumeric, datetime, etc.) that can be stored in an attribute. An attribute is (in most cases) a single piece of user information found in an user profile. The user's first name (givenName) is one attribute, and the user's last name (familyName) is a second attribute.

Identity Cloud data types

  • boolean data type
    Stores true/false values.

  • date data type
    Stores the month, day, and year of an event.

  • datetime data type
    Stores the month, day, year and time of day of an event.

  • decimal data type
    Stores either whole numbers (integers) or decimal numbers.

  • integer data type
    Stores whole numbers: no decimal points or fractional values are allowed.

  • ipAddress data type
    Stores IPv4 IP addresses (for example,; IPv6 addresses are not allowed.

  • json data type
    Stores data using the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format.

  • object data type
    Stores objects. An object is an attribute that contains a single value; however, that value can contain many parts (that is, many child attributes).

  • plural data type
    Stores plurals. A plural is a special type of attribute that can contain any number of child attributes and child values.

  • string data type
    Stores alphabetic, numeric, and special character data.

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