REST API reference topics

Working with the Identity Cloud REST APIs requires you to understand at least two important concepts:

  • The authentication method supported by the API operation. Identity Cloud REST APIs support a number of different authentication methods (Basic authentication, token-based authentication, etc.), but no single operation supports all these methods.

  • Whether the operation supports the use of API client allow lists. Allow lists enable you to specify which IP addresses can be used to call an operation. Some Identity Cloud APIs support API client allow lists and some don't.

See the table below (and follow the links) to learn more about what you can and can't do with different Identity Cloud APIs.

API collectionAllowed authentication methodsRespects the client allow list
Authentication APIs* Basic authentication
* janrain-signed
Configuration APIs* Basic authenticationSometimes
Custom Provider APIs- Token-based authenticationNo
Entity and Entity Type APIs* Basic authentication
* janrain-oauth
* janrain-signed
Hosted Login, OAuth, and OpenID Connect APIs* Token-based authenticationNo
Legacy Client and Settings APIs* Basic authenticationYes
SIEM Event Delivery Service APIs* Basic authenticationNo
Social Login APIs* API keyNo
Webhooks v3 APIs* Token-based authenticationNo

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