Configure Dashboard options

Similar to Looks, each Dashboard also has a Settings icon. However, Dashboards have a different set of options than Looks:

These configuration options are described below.

Clear Cache & Refresh

When you first access a Dashboard, Customer Insights retrieves the requested data from the data warehouse. That data is then displayed in your visualization, and a copy of the data is stored in the cache, where it remains for one hour before being discarded. If you (or anyone else) access the Dashboard during that hour, data is retrieved from the cache rather than the data warehouse. That means that the data displayed on the Dashboard might not be the absolutely latest set of data stored in the data warehouse.

If you are concerned about that, click Clear Cache & Refresh: that causes Customer Insights to clear the cache and retrieve the latest set of data from the data warehouse.

Download as PDF

Enables you to download the Dashboard as a .PDF file:

As you can see, you have a couple of options for downloading the Dashboard. By default, the downloaded .PDF files mimics the look of the Dashboard:

Alternatively, you can select Single Column PDF and download a .PDF file formatted with visualizations stacked on top of each other:

Or, instead of downloading the file, you can click Open in Browser, and view the .PDF file in your web browser instead.

Download as CSV

Enables you to download a .ZIP file containing a set of comma-separated values (CSV) file, one for each tile on the Dashboard. For example, suppose you have a visualization that looks like this:

The CSV file for the preceding visualization looks like this:

Event Fact Event Type,Event Fact Count


Enables you to send a copy of the Dashboard data to someone else, even if that person does not have access to Customer Insights. See Schedule, send, or download data for more information.


Enables you to schedule automated retrieval and delivery of Dashboard data. See Schedule, send, or download data for more information.

View Access Settings

Enables you to view the users and groups who have access to the Dashboard:

In Customer Insights, you do not set access permissions on individual Dashboards or Looks. Instead, permissions are set on Spaces, and those permissions are then inherited by all the items that reside in those Spaces.


Enables you to delete the Dashboard. Before the Dashboard is removed, you will be asked to confirm the deletion:

Note that deleting a Dashboard also deletes all the Looks on that Dashboard, except for Looks that:

  • Are used on another Dashboard.
  • Someone has scheduled.
  • Someone has marked as a favorite.

Deleted Dashboards (and Looks, for that matter) are initially sent to a Trash folder. From there, an administrator can choose to:

  • Restore the deleted items.
  • Permanently remove the deleted items from Customer Insights
  • Do nothing at all (deleted items can remain the Trash indefinitely).