View audit log search results

By default, audit events are sorted by date and in descending order (that is, from the newest record to the oldest record). To sort in ascending order (from the oldest record to the newest record), simply click the Date column header. When you first hold the mouse over the column header you’ll see an arrow pointing up:

This indicates that, if you click Date, your audit logs will be sorted by date, and in ascending order.

Want to switch back to descending order? No problem; click the Date header a second time, the arrow will point down, and the data will once more be sorted in descending order.

You can also do the same thing with the Console User Email column; this lets you sort your data by the email address of the agent responsible for the activity. Two things to keep in mind here:

  • You can’t sort by activity: if you click the Activity header, nothing will happen.

  • You can’t sort by multiple columns: for example, you can’t sort by date, then further sort by agent email address. It’s sort by date or sort by agent, period.

We might also mention that these same sorting rules and procedures apply when viewing audit data in the Manage Agents section. 


Of course, in the Manage Agents section, the value of the Console User Email column will always be the same: it will be the email address of the agent account you’re looking at. Because of that, there really isn’t much need to sort by email address.

When you access the Audit Logs page (and each time you return a new set of search results), only three fields – Date, Activity, and Console User Email– are displayed for each item in your search results. However, you can display the complete record for any item simply by clicking the arrow icon for the appropriate item. For example:

To hide the details, just click the arrow again: