Manage fields in Registration Builder

Use Registration Builder to manage Identity Cloud fields. Fields serve as a bridge between the information displayed onscreen to users and the information stored in backend Identity Cloud user databases.

Manage fields in Console

  • Create a field
    Create a new field and, optionally, add that field to a form.

  • Configure select menus and radio buttons
    Specifying the different options available when working with select menus and radio buttons. Values can be entered manually or imported from a comma-separated values file.

  • Add data validations
    Data validations provide a way for you to verify the data entered in a field before the user submits the form. For example, if you enter bob in an email address field you’ll see the error message Email address is not formatted correctly.

  • Copy a field
    Make an exact duplicate of a field, including field type and validations.

  • Delete a field
    Delete a field. Deleting a field also deletes that field from any forms that reference the field.

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