Add a Look tile to a Dashboard


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

Looks are probably the easiest item to add to a Dashboard. After all, Looks have already been created; you just have to add them to the Dashboard. And how do you do that? Well, once you’re in Dashboard edit mode, click Looks on the Dashboard toolbar. That brings up the Choose Looks dialog box:

This dialog box displays all the Looks stored in the same Space where the Dashboard lives. (You can only add Looks to a Dashboard residing in the same Space as the Look.) To add a Look, click + Add next to the Look name. When you do that, + Add changes color and the label changes from + Add to Remove:

Unless you click Remove, the selected Look will soon be added to the Dashboard. And yes, you can add more than one Look to a Dashboard:

When you’re done selecting Looks, click Update Dashboard, and all the designated Looks will are added to the Dashboard.


What’s that? You inadvertently added one too many Looks to the Dashboard? That’s OK; just click the Settings icon in the right corner of the unwanted Dashboard and click Remove. When the confirmation dialog box appears, click OK and the Look will be removed from the Dashboard. (But only from the Dashboard: the Look itself will not be deleted or changed in any way.)