Modify global settings

To modify a global setting, click Edit Settings:

That takes you to the Edit Settings page:


If you can access the Manage Application page but you don’t see the Edit Settings button, that means that you don’t have permission to modify the global settings. To get that permission, you’ll need to be assigned a different Console role.

To edit an existing setting, select the current value and then type in a replacement value. For example, to change the custom setting min_age from 13 to 16, simply select 13 and then type 16:

In some cases (for example, the email_method setting), you might be able to select a new value from a dropdown list; this occurs when there are a limited, and predefined, set of values you can choose from:

After making all your changes, click the Save Changes icon:

If you leave the Edit Settings page without saving your changes, those changes won’t be saved.