Manage schemas in Console

Profile Data Management

Define the information that can be stored in a user profile.

Manage schemas in Console

  • View a schema
    View detailed information about the attributes (fields) that make up an entity type schema.

  • Export a schema
    Export an entity type schema to a JSON file or a comma-separated values files.

  • Copy a schema
    Create a new entity type that uses the same schema as an existing entity type. Note that only the schema is copied: information in the entity type, such as user profile information, isn't copied to the new entity type.

  • Delete a schema
    Delete an entity type. This also deletes all the information stored in that entity type.

  • Add an attribute to a schema
    Add a new attribute (field) to an entity type. Doing this automatically adds the attribute to all the user profiles in the entity type.

  • Copy an attribute within a schema
    Need to add a new attribute in an entity type, an attribute that’s identical (other than its name) to an existing attribute? Here’s a quick and easy way to do that.

  • Delete an attribute from a schema
    Remove an attribute from an entity type. This also removes the attribute – and its value – from all the user profiles in the entity type.

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