Pie visualization


This article applies to the following Customer Insights roles: Developer

Pie charts show numerical proportions; for example, a pie chart might compare such things as traditional login; social logins; and single sign-on logins.

When selecting a pie chart, keep in mind that you can only compare items on a single metric, and that the number of “slices” in a pie should be limited: if you have too many slices, you lose the ability to do the at-a-glance analysis that makes pie charts useful. Pie charts are most meaningful when the slices in the pie add up to 100%.

In this article:

  • Customizing the Visualization
  • The Plot Tab
  • The Series Tab

Customizing the visualization

To customize the pie chart visualization (change colors, add a “hole” to the middle of the chart, change the value labels, etc.), click Edit to display the parameters menu:

Each of the tabs on this menu, and each configuration option found on these tabs, is detailed in the next few sections of this documentation.

The Plot tab

Configuration options for the entire visualization.

Value Labels

Specifies how the individual values in the pie chart are labeled. Allowed values are:

  • None. Slices are not labeled.

  • Legend. A legend is added to the chart that details each slice as well as its share of the total pie:

  • Labels. Each slice is individually labeled:

For the labels themselves, you can select from any of the following:

  • Label only
  • Value only
  • Label and value
  • Percentage only
  • Label and percentage

Inner Radius

When set to a value greater than 0 (values can range from 0 to 100) the inner radius turns your pie chart into a donut chart. For example, here’s a pie chart with an inner radius of 50:

The Series tab

Configuration options for individual data series.


Enables you to apply a custom color scheme to the chart. For example, here’s a chart that uses the default color scheme, Looker Classic:

And here’s that same chart with the Mixed Neutrals color scheme applied:


The Customizations section enables you to customize individual pie slices within the chart. You can use this section to change the color of a slice, or to change the label of a slice.

To change the color of a slice, click the Color box and then, from the dropdown menu, click a new color:

If you have a specific color in mind, you can type the hex value of that color in the color field:

To change the label assigned to a slice, click the arrow next to the slice, and then type a new label in the Label box:

The slice label changes accordingly: