Email Verification Code Not Valid screen (v2) overview


If you're looking for the Hosted Login v1 version of this screen, see Email Verification Code Not Valid v1.


This screen only appears if you are using Customer Care Portal and you use the portal to send a please-verify-your-email-address message to a user. Otherwise, Hosted Login v2 users employ the new access-code based workflow for verifying email addresses.

The verifyEmail screen is displayed when a user clicks an invalid email verification link; these links are emailed to users after they register. Typically this screen is displayed because one of the following occurrences took place;

  • The email verification link has already been used: email verification links are for one-time use only. For example, suppose you click a link and verify your email address. Later, you click the link a second time. You will see the verifyEmail screen and be asked to reverify your email address even though your email address has already been verified. (Incidentally, there’s no need to resubmit and re-verify your address: you only get this message because you clicked an invalid link.)

  • The email verification link has expired: by default, these links are only valid for15 minutes. If 15 minutes is too long (or too short), you can modify the lifetime for an email verification link by using the verification_code_lifetime setting.

Verify email screen flow

The following graphic shows how the verifyEmail screen fits into the Verify Email flow:

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