Assign social login scopes

When a user takes advantage of social login, the user is asked for permission to use data from his/her profile, such as email address and name. The process of choosing which information is requested is called setting a scope.

By default, the scopes for a Social Login application are the same across all web pages using the same application. However, these scopes may be set on a per-page basis as well. To tailor the social login scopes to individual sites, there are two alternate best practices:

  • Create a separate Social Login application for each site and manage the permissions requested for each application in the Social Login Dashboard. This is ideal for cases where total control and complex analytics are needed.

  • Implement a single Social Login solution and use the Override Scopes feature to manage the permissions requested on a per-page basis. This feature must be enabled for you by your Akamai representative.

Override scopes

To implement scope overriding on sites utilizing the same Social Login application, add theĀ scopesĀ JavaScript setting for each page returning custom information to the login script. SeeĀ the Social login JavaScript API for more information.

janrain.settings.scopes = {"googleplus":[""]};

When present, theĀ scopesĀ setting will override the scopes set for the Social Login application in the Social Login Dashboard. All provider-required scopes will still be present. If noĀ scopesĀ setting is on a page using the Social Login application, the default scopes set in the Dashboard will be used.