NetStorage origin prerequisites

NetStorage is ​Akamai​'s secure, cloud-based storage service. It simplifies the management of your content and makes it easy to deliver it over the ​Akamai​ network. NetStorage also ensures your content is readily accessible by replicating it in multiple locations across the ​Akamai​ content delivery network.

Set up NetStorage

Before you can use NetStorage as your origin, you need to have it added to your contract. Talk to your ​Akamai​ account team for details. Once added, you can get it set up to serve as your origin server:

  1. Create a storage group. This is where you'll upload and store your website or app content for delivery via your Property Manager property. Gather some values during this process, to help you pick the storage group that'll serve as your origin:

    • The Storage Group Name. You'll set up a unique name for your storage group.

    • The CP code assigned to the Upload Directory. An upload directory is the root directory in your storage group. When setting it up, you'll assign a numeric content provider (CP) code to the upload directory, for use in billing and reporting.

  2. Create an upload account. You use an upload account to access your storage group to upload content to it. You can set up various access methods based on popular protocols such as SFTP, SecureCopy, rsync, and Aspera.

  3. Upload your site or app content to NetStorage. Use any of your upload account's access methods to add the content to your storage group.

NetStorage and secure connections

NetStorage doesn't require specific security for connections between it and edge servers, the way that a custom origin requires that you create and apply a secure certificate. Since NetStorage is native to the ​Akamai​ network, it's always secure.

Configure your origin

You're ready to add your NetStorage storage group to your property for use as your origin, using the Storage Group Name and CP code values you've noted.