Modify Via Header

Remove or rename HTTP Via headers in origin requests.

How it works

HTTP Via headers inform the server of proxies through which the request travels to reach your origin server. This behavior is on by default if you're using API Acceleration. You can add it to the Default Rule and to a child rule using any Match criterion. Modify this behavior's options to control whether to remove or rename the Via header. For example, you can use this behavior to remove headers that impact offload.

Requirements and usage details for this behavior are maintained in the API Acceleration documentation.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does


Enable or disable this behavior.

Modification Option

Select an action to perform on the Via header:

  • Remove Header

  • Rename Header

Rename Header To

With Modification Option set to Rename Header, enter a custom HTTP header name. The name can't contain spaces or any of the following characters: ()\\<>@,;:\"/\\[]?{}.