Aggregated Reporting

Configure a custom aggregated report that collects traffic data based on up to four user-defined variables that are used as aggregation attributes for compiling traffic data summaries. For example, you can introduce variables such as make, model, year, and campaign, and populate them with values extracted from incoming client requests. The extracted values may include specific request headers, cookies, URL paths/extensions, string parameters, or parts of client certificates.


You can add up to two aggregated reporting behaviors in an OTA Updates property.


  1. In the Property Variables panel, add and define your variables. See Create a variable.

  2. In the Property Configuration Settings panel, in Default Rule, modify your variables:

    • Add the required number of set variable behaviors.

    • Configure your set variables behaviors to extract data from query request headers or query string parameters. See Set variable: extraction.


With one variable behavior, you can configure one previously defined variable.

  1. In Default Rule, add the Aggregated Reporting behavior. See Rules.

  2. Use the user-defined variables as attributes for an aggregated report. See User-defined variables.

Accessing aggregated reports

  1. Go to โ€‹Akamai Control Centerโ€‹.
  2. Click โ˜ฐ > IOT SOLUTIONS > Over-the-air firmware updates.

Requirements and usage details for this behavior are maintained in the Internet of Things: OTA Updates User Guide.