Custom override rule

Custom override is a special rule made entirely of advanced metadata that is applied last in the rule tree.

How it works

To create a custom override rule, work with your account representative to identify reusable metadata in your configurations' advanced override rules. Once identified, your account representative creates a custom override rule with that metadata. You can then add that rule to the configurations in your account.

The custom override rule is always last in a configuration, unless you also have an advanced override rule. Advanced override always takes precedence over a custom override rule that changes to the second but last in the hierarchy.

If you want to remove a custom override rule from your account, reach out to your account representative.

Add a custom override rule to your configuration

  1. In Property Manager Editor, in the Configuration Settings panel, click Add Rule.

  2. Select Custom Override and click Insert Rule.

  3. Select the specific rule from the list.


You can only have one custom override rule per configuration.