Allow All Methods on Parent Servers

The ​Akamai​ edge server that is geographically closest to your origin server is designated as the "parent server." Your content is initially cached here, and then served out to other edge servers on our platform. These are called "child edge servers." This relationship reduces the number of client requests that require responses from your origin server.

How it works

With this behavior added, a request from a parent edge server can use all HTTP request methods. This is especially useful if you're using ​Akamai​'s Site Shield or Tiered Distribution features. These features take advantage of the parent-child edge server relationship to better access and deliver your content. The parent edge server manages requests from child edge servers and connects to your origin server as necessary. With Allow All Methods on Parent Servers added to your property, parent edge servers will be allowed to fully interact with your origin.

This behavior doesn't include any options. Just include it in a rule in your property to enable it.