Learn how to set up behaviors in your configuration.

Add a behavior

  1. In Property Manager Editor, in the Configuration Settings panel, expand the rule you want to add a behavior to.

  2. Click Add Behavior.

  3. Select the feature and click Insert Behavior.

  4. Set the parameters for the newly-added behavior. You can also edit the behavior later.

Edit a behavior

To edit a behavior, select it in the expanded view of the rule, then edit its options as necessary. Here you can also delete a behavior.


Warning and error messages appear in the Errors, Warnings and Notes interface when you delete a mandatory behavior from a configuration.

Locked behaviors

Some behaviors may show a lock icon in their content panel. You can't edit these behaviors, since changing them may affect performance or another service. If you need to change a locked behavior, contact your ​Akamai​ account representative.

Review help for a specific behavior

The majority of the behaviors include their own help page. To view this page, mouse-over the behavior's content panel and click .

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