Learn how to set up behaviors in your configuration.

Add a behavior

  1. Go to ☰ > CDN > Properties.

  2. Select the property and the version you want to configure.

  3. In the Property Manager Editor, in the Configuration Settings panel, from the left menu select the rule you want to edit.

  4. In the Criteria panel, click +Behavior. Select a behavior from the list and click Insert Behavior.

  5. Set the options for the newly-added behavior. You can also edit the behavior later.

Edit a behavior

To edit a behavior, select it in the expanded view of the rule, then edit its options as necessary. Here you can also delete a behavior.


Warning and error messages appear in the Errors, Warnings and Notes interface when you delete a mandatory behavior from a configuration.

Locked behaviors

Some behaviors may show a lock icon in their content panel. You can't edit these behaviors, since changing them may affect performance or another service. If you need to change a locked behavior, contact your ​Akamai​ account representative.

Review help for a specific behavior

The majority of the behaviors include their own help page. To view this page, mouse-over the behavior's content panel and click .