Segmented Media Protection

Segmented Media Protection is a suite of security solutions that protects access to your media stream and provides confidentiality. These security solutions are implemented on-the-fly during content delivery via an Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) property to prevent unauthorized access, duplication, and theft of your media streams.

How it works

Segmented Media Protection is a recommended behavior, and it's included by default in your AMD property. There are two components available with SMP:

  • Token Authentication. Only end users that have been properly authenticated can access your streams. This is accomplished by generating, exchanging, and verifying shared secret tokens between AMD and the end-user's player.

  • Media Encryption. This encrypts your content and provides secure access keys to end users. Ideally, you should also use Token Authentication to ensure these secure keys are only delivered to end users that have also been authenticated.


Currently, you can't use HLS byte-range playlists with Media Encryption. When Media Encryption is enabled for an HLS stream with byte-range MPEG-TS segments, incorrect byte ranges can be reported in the playlist file, and this can cause issues with playback.

For complete details on these security solutions, see the AMD user documentation: