Image and Video Manager: Set Parameter

Use the Image and Video Manager: Set Parameter behavior to apply your custom Image and Video Manager policies or to force Image and Video Manager to serve a particular image width, format, or pixel density.

How it works

This behavior applies the parameters you set here, after the CDN receives the request. This is especially useful if your site’s image and video URLs already contain markers that map neatly to your Image and Video Manager policies. Likewise, if there are some cases where you don't want Image and Video Manager to choose the settings for your images and videos, you can add parameters to override Image and Video Manager’s choices.


You can only include one parameter (policy name, widths, format, or pixel density) in each Image and Video Manager: Set Parameter behavior. For each parameter you want to set, add another instance of this behavior.

Features and options

FieldWhat it doesSub-options
ParameterSelect the name of the parameter you want to set and the bottom field updates, so you can enter or select a value.
  • Policy Name
  • Widths
  • Format
  • Pixel Density
Policy NameWith Parameter set to Policy Name, enter the name of the policy you want to apply. If no valid policy name is specified (either with this behavior or a query string parameter), Image Manager applies the default policy.
WidthWith Parameter set to Width, enter the width (in pixels) of the images to serve. If the applied policy does not include that width, Image Manager serves the next largest.
FormatWith Parameter set to Format, force Image Manager to serve the image in the browser-optimized format specified. Use this to override the one-touch feature Use Best File Type.

If set to Generic, Image Manager ignores formats that are browser specific, such as JPEG 2000, WebP, or JPEG XR (JPEG extended range).
  • Chrome
  • IE
  • Safari
  • Generic
Pixel DensityWith Parameter set to Pixel Density, enter pixel density of the images to serve. Density is expressed as a multiplier where the value 1 is normal density.

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