If you see this behavior in a rule in your property, it's been added by ​Akamai​ Professional Services to customize it using specialty ​Akamai​ XML metadata. It's typically added after you, or someone in your organization works with Professional Services to implement a workaround for your environment.

You can't change anything in this behavior. It's a completely custom implementation that's been set to meet a unique need. Reach out to your ​Akamai​ account team:

  • For clarification on what's set here.
  • To make any changes to what's set here.

Handle warning messages

Did you get an error or warning message in your property that calls out this behavior and directs you here?

  • Warning message . These are in place to alert you to a possible issue. A warning message won't stop you from saving your property and using it to deliver content. Try testing it on the staging network to see if any problems occur that you can link to the Advanced behavior. If you see problems, reach out to your account team for help.

  • Error message . If an error calls out the Advanced behavior, see if you can fix any conflicts in other behaviors in your property. If you can't fix the error, get in touch with your account team. You need their help to make changes in this behavior.