Migrate from an earlier version of Standard TLS

A "Limited Availability" version of Standard TLS was launched in 2017 using an interim architecture. As of October 2018, the newer Standard TLS integration discussed in this documentation is used.

What's different with the newer Standard TLS integration?

Previously, Standard TLS delivery was configured the same as Enhanced TLS delivery. With this version, the Security Options checkbox in Property Manager was checked, and the Edge hostname ended in edgekey.net.

Going forward, new properties and edge hostnames use the new version of Standard TLS:

  • The Security Options setting in Property Manager is set to Standard TLS ready.

  • The resulting edge hostname ends in either akamaized.net (default) or edgesuite.net (custom application).

What if I'm using the Limited Availability version?

Existing properties and edge hostnames that used the limited availability version are still supported as they are. If you would like to migrate to the new version of Standard TLS, please contact your account team.


If you're using this version you should receive a communication from your account team discussing what you need to do to migrate to the new version of Standard TLS.