Activate an include

Activate each include before you can use it in a property. An include needs to be active on the same network that you want to activate the parent property on. For example, you need to activate an include on the staging network before activating a parent property on staging.

  1. In the Property Manager Editor view for your include, click the Activate tab. Here, you can view information about the active include versions in the staging and production environments.

  2. In the panel for the network you want to activate on, click Activate v# on Staging/Production.

  3. Review the validation results. You need to resolve returned errors to be able to proceed, but you can activate an include version that yields less severe warnings.


Activating another version of an include that's already referenced in a property's rule tree triggers a validation against all parent properties. Any errors found in the include or its parent properties block the activation. See Restrictions on parent properties and includes for more details.

  1. Add some optional notes and enter at least one email address to notify about the activation status. Click Activate.