IBM Tealeaf Connector

With this behavior enabled, IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud can record HTTPS requests and responses for ​Akamai​-enabled properties. Recorded data becomes available in your IBM Tealeaf account.

Before you begin

Before setting up the IBM Tealeaf Connector on any property, verify whether the property receives or sends transactions containing private or personally identifiable information (PII), like payment card or health-related information.


Important PII considerations

If your property handles PII, note the following before adding this behavior:

  • The IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud network doesn't currently support:

    • Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules for handling credit cards.

    • PII regulations covering citizens of the European Union and, in the United States, residents of Massachusetts, California, and other states.

  • Any protected health information sent to your IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud account isn't covered by any Business Associate Agreement you have with ​Akamai​.

  • Once data is sent to your IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud account, it's subject to your business agreements with IBM.

How it works

The IBM Tealeaf Connector isn't operational until you complete the following tasks:

  1. Your organization receives the customer ID needed for use with the Connector.
  2. Your organization uses ​Akamai​'s Property Manager application to set up the IBM Tealeaf Connector behavior on the desired property, and activates the newly updated property on the production network.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
EnableSelect On to collect requests and responses for this property. When this feature is enabled, it sends the entire header and body of requests and responses to your IBM Tealeaf account.
Limit to Dynamic TransactionsSelect On to limit data collection to only dynamic, or no-store transactions. When a request or response includes the no-store directive in the cache-control header, it isn't stored in cache. Limiting data collection to dynamic transactions helps minimize the amount of traffic sent between your Akamai and IBM Tealeaf accounts.
IBM Customer IDEnter the customer ID associated with your IBM Tealeaf account. IBM staff provide the customer ID you use.