Edge Load Balancing: Origin Definition

After you set up your Edge Load Balancing rule, you need to configure the Origin Definition behavior.

For Edge Load Balancing, an origin can represent multiple data centers and cloud providers, as well as multiple endpoints (or IP addresses) within a single data center.

How it works

In the Origin Definition behavior you define basic information about an Edge Load Balancing origin, and whether session persistence is required.

Before you begin

  1. In the Global Traffic Management (GTM) application, complete the domain and traffic target configurations. (See the GTM documentation.)

  2. In Property Manager, select your property and in the Origin Server behavior, change the Origin Type to Edge Load Balancing Origin.

  3. Add the Edge Load Balancing rule template to the property version:

    • In the Property Configuration Settings section, click Add Rule.

    • Select the Edge Load Balancing rule template.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
General Fields
Origin ID Enter a descriptive name for this Edge Load Balancing origin to distinguish it from other origins in your Edge Load Balancing configuration.

Note: You need this ID when you enable the property for Edge Load Balancing and when you define other origin definition and session persistence rules.

Name Enter a unique, descriptive name to define this Edge Load Balancing origin.
Hostname Enter the hostname associated with this rule. This should match the hostname you configured for the GTM domain.

To verify the hostname, open GTM and access your GTM domain. The property is listed at the top of the Property tab.

Session Persistence Fields (Optional)
Enabled Check this field if you are using a session persistence cookie with Edge Load Balancing.
Cookie Name If configuring session persistence with this Edge Load Balancing origin, enter the name of the cookie used to assign a unique session identifier to the end user.

Note: You enter the value of this cookie when you set up the Edge Load Balancing: Data Center behavior.

Continue with the Edge Load Balancing: Data Center behavior to set up the data centers and cloud providers you're using with Edge Load Balancing.