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Check where you can find various property options and details.

Property groups page

When you launch Property Manager from the ​Akamai Control Center​'s menu, you land on the property groups page. Here, you'll find all properties that were created within this group. You can see the names and hierarchy of your groups in the breadcrumb bar at the top of the page or in the Groups panel on the left side.

The main table on the right shows individual properties and their basic details. You can quickly check:

  • whether a property was created in Property Manager or the obsolete Configuration Manager.

  • whether a property version is active on the staging or production network.

  • the hostnames associated with a property version, either on staging or production network.

You can also clone or delete a selected property from the Action column.

To get more details on a particular property or edit it, click the property name.

Property details page

The property's details page is your control tower for managing versions. It gives an overview of the active staging and production versions, as well as currently used hostnames, products, and CP codes. You can also check the version and activation history.


In the Manage Versions and Activations panel, there are plenty of operations you can initiate by clicking the settings icon in the Actions column:

  • View & Review. See all the details for a selected version in an easy to read mode.

  • Test. Run a test in ​Akamai​'s Test Center tool and check the effect of your property configuration.

  • Edit new version. Select a baseline for a new version and implement necessary changes in the editor.

  • Activate/Deactivate on production. Coordinate whether a selected version is deployed on the Production network and accessible by your customers.

  • Activate/Deactivate on staging. Coordinate whether a selected version is deployed on the Edge Staging Network (ESN) so that you can check the configuration against your origin.

  • Compare. Compare configuration details of two selected versions in a standard view or in XML.

  • View/Download XML. When a property version is activated on the staging or production network, you can view and download the configuration settings in an XML format.

  • Push to Sandbox. Test your changes locally using ​Akamai​'s Sandbox utility before deploying them to the content delivery network.

  • Hide. Keep a version from showing on the Version History list.

  • Schedule an event. Configure an event, a report, or an alert for your property in Event Center.

  • Open a support case. Manage support requests to resolve issues with your properties in Case Management application.

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