Legacy Referrer Checking

This behavior limits allowed requests to a set of domains you specify.

Features and options

FieldWhat it doesSub-options
EnableEnables or disables the referer checking behavior.
Include Child DomainsIncludes child domains among the allowed referrers. For example, if the Domain is example.com, referrers that have a domain names that match the *.example.com pattern (like site1.example.com or www.example.com) are allowed. This is equivalent to prefixing each item in Domain with *..
  • Yes
  • No

Strict Referrer CheckingWhen enabled, excludes requests whose Referer header include a relative path, or that are missing a Referer. When disabled, only excludes requests whose referer hostname is not part of the domains set.
  • On
  • Off

DomainSpecifies the set of allowed domains. With Include Child Domains disabled, prefixing values with *. specifies domains for which subdomains are allowed.