Akamaize Tag

This behavior can only be configured for you by ​Akamai​ Professional Services and isn't directly accessible in the ​Control Center​'s Property Manager application. You can review the behavior options and work with your account representative to have them implemented.

The behavior specifies HTML tags and replacement rules for hostnames used in conjunction with the Akamaizer behavior.

How it works

With this behavior enabled, you can replace all strings that match a specified regular expression with a specified replacement string. Additional parameters specify options that modify the matching operation and a time-out interval if no match is found.

Features and options

FieldWhat it doesSub-options
Matched hostnameSpecifies the hostname to match on as a Perl-compatible regular expression.
Replacement hostnameSpecifies the replacement hostname for the tag to use.
Replacement ScopeSpecifies the part of HTML content the Tags refer to.
  • Attribute. When Tags refers to a tag/attribute pair, the match only applies to the attribute.
  • URL Attribute. Functions the same as Attribute, but applies when the attribute value is a URL, in which case, it converts to an absolute URL prior to substitution.
  • Block. Substitutes within the Tags contents, but not within any nested tags.
  • Page. Ignores the Tags field and performs the substitution on the entire page.

TagsSpecifies the tag or tag/attribute combination to operate on.
  • A
  • A/href
  • AREA
  • AREA/href
  • BASE
  • BASE/href
  • FORM
  • FORM/action
  • IFRAME/src
  • IMG
  • IMG/src
  • LINK
  • LINK/href
  • SCRIPT/src
  • TABLE/background
  • TD
  • TD/background

On matchSpecifies what to do when a match is found.
  • Stop. Replace the first match only.
  • Continue. Replace all matches.

TypeSpecifies whether to Include or Exclude the Tags value.
  • Include
  • Exclude