Akamaize Tag

Specify HTML tags and replacement rules for hostnames used in conjunction with the Akamaizer behavior. Contact ​Akamai​ Professional Services for help configuring this behavior.

How it works

With this behavior enabled, you can replace all strings that match a specified regular expression with a specified replacement string. Additional parameters specify options that modify the matching operation and a time-out interval if no match is found.

Features and options


What it does


Matched hostname

Specifies the hostname to match on as a Perl-compatible regular expression.

Replacement hostname

Specifies the replacement hostname for the tag to use.

Replacement Scope

Specifies the part of HTML content the Tags refer to.

  • **Attribute**. When Tags refers to a tag/attribute pair, the match only applies to the attribute.
  • **URL Attribute**. Functions the same as **Attribute**, but applies when the attribute value is a URL, in which case, it converts to an absolute URL prior to substitution.
  • **Block**. Substitutes within the Tags contents, but not within any nested tags.
  • **Page**. Ignores the Tags field and performs the substitution on the entire page.


Specifies the tag or tag/attribute combination to operate on.


  • A
  • A/href
  • AREA
  • AREA/href
  • BASE
  • BASE/href
  • FORM
  • FORM/action
  • IFRAME/src
  • IMG
  • IMG/src
  • LINK
  • LINK/href
  • SCRIPT/src
  • TABLE/background
  • TD
  • TD/background

On match

Specifies what to do when a match is found.

  • **Stop**. Replace the first match only.
  • **Continue**. Replace all matches.


Specifies whether to Include or Exclude the Tags value.


  • Include
  • Exclude

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