Optional: slot support

You can use slots to quickly associate multiple property hostnames with a single, secure edge hostname. Only your โ€‹Akamaiโ€‹ account team can add or remove slots, or activate a property after making changes to the slots listed. So, reach out to your account team for help with this feature.

Why you need it

Traditionally, you use Property Manager to configure each individual hostname that you need to securely access a propertyโ€”you manually edit secure property hostnames and configure edge hostname associations. You then add a CNAME record to your DNS, so that a client request to one of your hostnames is resolved to the edge one.

Slot matching lets you skip the individual, manual hostname association process. Your edge hostname is mapped to a list of slots, rather than a list of hostnames. These slots are associated with secure, standard TLS certificates that are used to validate secure connections.


Slots are only available for certain products. Contact your account team to learn more.

How it works

The Slots panel lists each slot that's been configured, listed by its unique numeric identifier. The Certificate column lists the common name (CN) from the secure certificate assigned to that slot. Requests that include a CN will use that slot. All existing slots enabled with slot matching for the property are listed. For more details, see Edge IP Binding.


Property Manager requires that every property have a standard property hostname set up. You can't remove all of your property hostnames and exclusively use slot matching.

Viewing SSL certificates

In your browser, go to https://{eslot_number}.b.akamaiedge.net/

For example, if your {eslot_number} was 180, you'd go to https://e180.b.akamaiedge.net/

Then, use your browser to view your SSL certificate.