Chase Redirects

This behavior controls whether the edge server chases redirects served from the origin.

How it works

With this behavior enabled, the edge can follow redirect responses sent by the origin server and ultimately serve the final, non-redirect response to the user. Additionally, you can specify the maximum number of redirects, as well as whether to use error response 404 when the limit is reached.


Consider these incompatibilities

  • Chase Redirects is not compatible with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Storage. You can't use these authentication methods in the Origin Characteristics behavior. If you're using either of them, your property will ignore settings applied in the Chase Redirects behavior.

  • Chase Redirects is default included if you're using ​Akamai​'s NetStorage as your Origin Server. This is in place to support its replication infrastructure. So, if you're using NetStorage, do the following to avoid potential conflicts:

    • Ion or Dynamic Site Availability (DSA). This behavior is added by default to a new property, in the Offload origin sub-rule. Remove it by clicking Remove behavior ().

    • All other delivery products. Don't add it to your property.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
EnableEnables or disables the behavior.
Chase LimitSpecifies the maximum number of redirects to follow.
Serve 404With this option set to On, when the Chase Limit is reached, the edge server serves an HTTP 404 (Not Found) error instead of the last redirect.