Match on a variable

Matching a variable lets you check the value of your user variables as part of the criteria of your Property Manager rules.

How to

  1. Click Add Match. A new match criterion appears.

  2. Select a variable from the list. Select the user-defined variable from the list.

  3. Select the comparison operator from the list.

  4. Enter one or more values into the field, depending on the match operator.

  • If you choose is or is not operator, you can enter a single value to match against the variable.


The match value now also supports variable expression syntax, so you can compare two variables.

  • If you choose is one of or is not one of match operator, you can enter multiple values separated with space.


You selected is one of or is not one of match operator. Matching on abc defwill be true if the variable value is either abcor def. If you want to match on a value that includes the actual space character, then you need to escape it, like this abc\ defwhich will be true if the variable value is exactly abc def. You can also use the reserved EMPTY_STRINGvalue to match for empty or blank values. For instance, matching a variable with abc def EMPTY_STRINGwill be true if the variable value is abc, defor ""(blank).