Brotli Support

Brotli is an open source, lossless data compression algorithm that has a higher compression rate than gzip. With Brotli Support enabled, the CDN can return Brotli-compressed assets from your origin and cache them on the edge servers.

How it works

When the Brotli Support behavior is enabled, the CDN delivers Brotli-compressed resources if the requesting browser supports this algorithm. The CDN delivers non-Brotli resources to browsers that don't support Brotli.

Brotli Support and Resource Optimizer compared

Resource Optimizer is another feature that involves Brotli. The difference is where the compression is applied.

Resource Optimizer automates the compression and delivery of cached resources within the ​Akamai​ CDN. It takes non-compressed resources from your origin, applies Brotli compression to them, and then caches and delivers the compressed resources. Compression happens in the CDN.

The Brotli Support behavior applies to resources on your origin that are already Brotli compressed. If you have such resources on your origin, enabling Brotli Support allows the CDN to serve them to requesting browsers.


If you use Resource Optimizer, which can generate Brotli-encoded objects, note that response body inspection rules don't apply to those objects.

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