Bit Rate Limiting

Control the rate at which ​Akamai​ serves content to end-users. You can adjust the speed depending on file size or elapsed download time.

How it works

The behavior uses a bit rate and a threshold you define. Once the threshold is met, the content managed by your Property Manager configuration is delivered at that bit rate.

You can use it to prevent media downloads from progressing faster than they're consumed, or to set up various end-user experience tiers of delivery performance.

The prerequisites for use, options, and default settings can vary by product. See the applicable product's documentation for these details as well as some examples of its use.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
Bit Rate LimitingEnables or disables the behavior.
Bit RateSpecify a download rate that corresponds to the threshold. The bit rate is expressed as a two-member object consisting of a numeric value and its unit, either in Kbps, Mbps, or Gbps.
ThresholdSpecify the minimum size of the file or the amount of elapsed download time before applying the bit rate limit from the corresponding Bit Rate entry. The threshold is expressed as a two-member object consisting of a numeric threshold value and its unit: either in bytes or seconds.