Upgrade an HTTP hostname to HTTPS

Review this content if you're looking to upgrade a non-secure, HTTP-only property to HTTPS with Standard TLS.

  1. Create a custom certificate using Standard TLS.

  2. Ensure that you're using an origin server that supports secure HTTPS:

  3. Configure a property hostname using the Standard TLS certificate.

  4. Configure the Origin Server behavior for your selected origin type:

  5. Add the Automatic Domain Validation behavior to your configuration.

  6. Activate your property on the staging network.

  7. Validate that HTTPS works. You should test that the HTTPS connection from the user to the edge server works, as well as the connection from the edge server to the origin.

    • Make an HTTPS request to an edge server for your site.

    • Confirm that HTTPS traffic works, without any certificate errors or warnings.

  8. Activate your property on the production network to go live.