Add an include to a property

You can add includes to your property only after you activate them on staging or production networks. A compatible include adheres to the restrictions on parent properties and includes.

  1. On the Property Groups page, click on the property you want to add includes to. On the Property Details page, either select a non-active property version you want to edit or create a new property version.

  2. In the Property Manager Editor, in the Property Configuration Settings panel, click +Behavior>Include behavior.

  3. In the Add a Behavior for this Rule window, select the include you want to add and click Insert Behavior.

  4. Click Save.

Optional: change the rule format for your property

If you get an error indicating that your property and the selected include use different rule formats, set the compatible frozen rule format for your property. You can change the rule format in a non-active, editable property version.

  1. In the Property Manager Editor, in the Property Version Information panel, click the ✏️ icon next to the current Rule Format.
  2. In the pop-up window, select the rule format form the dropdown. Make sure you set the property's rule format to the same dated version that's used in the includes you want to reference. Click Change Rule Format.
  3. Click Save.

What's next

Activate your property.