Mobile App Performance SDK

With this behavior enabled, you can configure particulars of an SDK (iOS or Android), register devices, enable prepositioning of content on devices, and collect device metrics.

How it works

Mobile Application Performance SDK extends the ​Akamai​ Intelligent Platform to the end-user’s device with these features:

  • Network Quality Settings improves total download time by selecting an appropriate version of content based on network conditions.
  • SureRoute for Cellular sends HTTP requests to two edge servers instead of one. The request that receives a response header and establishes a connection first wins, while the other connection request is dropped.
  • You can enable Send the Secondary SureRoute for Cellular Request to the origin server option to send both requests to the origin server. By default, we recommend you to disable this setting.


Enabling this optional feature results in extra hits to your origin, increasing the load on your server.

  • Prepositioning pushes content to mobile devices over Wi-Fi or cellular during a designated time frame.
  • Analytics Reports show statistics for Time to First Byte, Total Download Time, Response Size, and Event Load Time. You can filter reports by a combination of Device Platform, App Version, Carrier, and Connection Type.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
EnableEnables or disables this behavior.
Send the Secondary Multi-Path Request to the Origin ServerWhen enabled, sends secondary multi-path requests to the origin server.