Redirect users to edge servers

Map each user request from the originally requested hostname over to the optimal Akamai edge server.

Each property applies its rules and behaviors to requests for a set of domains you control, such as and At this stage, you configure your domains into property hostnames. For every property hostname you then set up an edge hostname. Edge hostnames provide a DNS-based mechanism that maps each user request from your originally-requested domain to the optimal ​Akamai​ edge server. Edge hostnames work behind the scenes and are not visible in the URLs of content served to a requesting client.

Property hostnames are used to resolve the first phase of the request flow, and you can set them up to use secure HTTPS transfer (the recognized industry standard), or legacy, non-secure HTTP transfer.

Usually, you configure hostnames in the property version view. However, if you're a SaaS/PaaS provider that manages tens of thousands custom domain hostnames, use hostname buckets instead. This lets you add or remove hostnames from the property level without incrementing the property version.