Content Characteristics - Large File

With this behavior enabled, you can optimize the delivery of large files for your ​Akamai​ Cloud Embed (ACE) CDN.


This behavior is used exclusively in base configurations for the ​Akamai​ Cloud Embed (ACE) product.

Before you begin

To include the Content Characteristics - Large File behavior, you need to enable the Large File Delivery option in the Subcustomer Enablement behavior for an ACE base configuration. Also, make sure you include both behaviors in the same rule.

How it works

With this behavior enabled, you can define characteristics of the delivered content, specifically targeted to delivering large files. ​Akamai​ uses this information to optimize your metadata configuration, which may result in better origin offload and end-user performance.

You can override the Origin Object Size setting in this behavior on a per-subcustomer basis by generating a policy for that subcustomer using the ACE API, and using the appropriate settings in the Content Characteristics behavior.

For details on the use of this behavior and the generation of individual subcustomer policies to configure it, see the ACE documentation.