Deactivate your property

You can deactivate any property version currently active on either staging or production network.

Before you begin

For property versions currently serving traffic, make sure you update the DNS record first. Change the CNAME record so that when you deactivate a property, the traffic to your site or app doesn't get interrupted.

How to

  1. If necessary, access the target property on ​Akamai Control Center​:

    a. Use the drop-down in the top right to select the ​Control Center​ account you used to create the property.

    b. Go to > CDN > Properties.

    c. Enter the name of your property in the Filter by Property or Hostname field.

    d. Click the Property Name to open it.

  2. On the Property Details page, click the menu in the Actions column next to a property version you want to deactivate. Select Deactivate Staging/Production.

  3. In the pop-up window, add optional notes and set the email addresses to notify about the deactivation. Click Deactivate v# from Staging/Production.

  4. To check the deactivation status, click the property version. Click the Activate tab. The panel for the network you're deactivating on shows the progress bar.

Once the deactivation completes, the email addresses you listed get the notification.