Create a brand-new property

Set up a unique property file you'll need for each of your ​Akamai​ products.

  1. Use the +Create button in the top navigation bar and select Property. You can also go to > CDN > Properties, and then click +New Property.

  2. Select the ​Akamai​ product you want to use.

  3. Name your property and select a group it will belong to.

  4. Select the rule format you want to use for the property's rule tree.


​Akamai​ often modifies behaviors and matches, each time deploying a new internal version of the feature. By default, the Property Manager interface in ​Control Center​ uses the latest available feature versions. In the interest of stability, some Property Manager solutions like Includes or API don't support this system of selective updates for each feature. Instead, the feature sets are simply versioned as a whole. These versions, which update infrequently, are known as rule formats.

  1. Optionally, select the Hostname bucket checkbox to create a property with a hostname bucket. Enable this option for a streamlined process to add and remove hostnames without incrementing property versions.

  2. Click Next.

What's next

You should now see the Property Manager Editor where you can start setting up version 1 of your new property. For the first step in the process, let's redirect users to edge servers by creating a new Property Hostnames entry.