Content Provider Code

A Content Provider code (CP code) is used to identify usage, reporting and billing segments. CP codes need to be set before a property configuration can be activated and used in production.

How it works

You can use individual CP codes to establish different billing and reporting areas. You can create a CP code yourself, or you can go to the Support home page in ​Akamai Control Center​ to have us create and/or assign one for use.

Are you using AMD, Download Delivery, Ion, or Object Delivery?

This is a mandatory behavior in the context of an AMD, Download Delivery, Ion, or Object Delivery property. You can't delete this behavior from the Default Rule. An error message is revealed if you delete it, and you need to re-add it. However, you can also include this behavior in a lower-level, or nested custom rule. This lets you override what's set in the Default Rule for this behavior. You can set different match criteria to be met to apply this behavior, instead.

CP code accessibility

For a CP Code to be accessible via this behavior, the following must all be true:

  • The CP code must belong to the same contract as the property.

  • The CP code must be tied to the same service (product) as your property.

  • The group must have access to the CP code.

To give a group access to a CP code, contact your account representative.


How to add an existing CP code to a property

  1. Click the edit icon in the CP Code field.

  2. Select an existing CP Code from the list.

  3. Click Done.

How to add a new CP code


CP Code creation is only available for select contracts. If you need a new CP code and don't see the CP code creator, contact your Account Representative to have a CP code made for you.

  1. In the Content Provider Code behavior content panel, click the Create New... button.

  2. Review the information in the window that is revealed.

  3. A pre-generated value is revealed in the Name field. Accept this value or input a new one.

  4. Click the Create button.


Traffic must be served through an active CP code. It may take up to two hours for our network to recognize a newly created CP Code. Activating a property on the production network before the new CP code is recognized will cause a service disruption. Testing on the staging network first is highly recommended.