Cache HTTP Temporary Redirects

Control the caching of HTTP 302 and 307 redirects.


Temporary redirects only

This behavior covers only the caching of 302 and 307 temporary redirects.
301 and 308 permanent redirects are cached by ​Akamai​ according to the same caching rules that are used for 200 responses.

How it works

By default, ​Akamai​ edge servers do not cache HTTP 302 Found (previously Moved Temporarily) and 307 Temporary Redirect redirects returned from origin. Enabling this behavior instructs the edge servers to cache 302 and 307 temporary redirects the same way as they would for 301 and 308 permanent redirects. For more details, see Caching redirects.

The TTL value which is applied to 302 and 307 temporary redirects is specified separately using the Caching behavior, which can cache these redirects using either a specific TTL value or using the Cache-Control or Expires response headers.