IoT Edge Connect Dev Relations

With the Internet of Things: Edge Connect product, connected users and devices can communicate on a publish-subscribe basis within reserved namespaces. With this behavior enabled, ​Akamai​-external clients can use developer test accounts in a shared environment.

How it works

In conjunction with the JWT behavior, this behavior lets you use your own JSON Web Tokens in your requests, or requests generated by ​Akamai​. You can either enable the default JWT server for your test configuration by setting the authentication endpoint to a default path, or specify custom settings for your JWT server and the authentication endpoint.

Features and options

FieldWhat it doesSub-options
EnableEnables the default JWT server and sets the authentication endpoint to a default path.
Custom SettingsSpecifies custom JWT server connection values.
  • Hostname of the JWT server. Specifies the JWT server’s hostname.
  • Path to the authentication endpoint. Specifies the path to your JWT server’s authentication endpoint, which lets you generate JWTs to sign your requests.