With this behavior enabled, you can apply settings to incoming requests for all hostnames in this property configuration, without explicitly adding those hostnames to the configuration.

Before you begin

To start, you need to set up a non-secure HTTP Property Hostname. For example, you can use the Add Instant Config Hostname functionality via the Property Hostnames content panel.

With the property configuration saved, you need to:

  1. Create an endpoint and then CNAME all applicable hostnames to this endpoint. For example, if you have a hostname of, you need to CNAME it to your endpoint,

  2. Create a wildcarded (*) DNS record to CNAME all applicable hostnames to the edge hostname defined in the non-secure HTTP Property Hostname you set up in this property configuration. For example, * would need to CNAME to

You only need to perform both of the steps above once, unless you need to change the hostname.

How it works

Once enabled, you don't need to manually add each applicable hostname as a Property Hostname to your property configuration. However, it only applies to non-secure (HTTP) hostnames. So, this property configuration can only process HTTP requests.

This behavior doesn’t include any options. Specifying the behavior itself enables it.