IoT Edge Connect

With Internet of Things: Edge Connect, connected users and devices can communicate on a publish-subscribe basis within reserved namespaces.

How it works

You can select previously reserved namespaces and set the protocols for users to publish and receive messages within these namespaces. Use the JWT verification behavior, the Mutual Authentication behavior, or both behaviors, to control access.
To learn more about requirements and usage details for this behavior see Internet of Things: Edge Connect.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
EnableEnables or disables the behavior.
NamespaceSpecifies the globally reserved name for a specific configuration. It includes authorization rules over publishing and subscribing to logical categories known as topics. This provides a root path for all topics defined within a namespace configuration. You can use the IoT Edge Connect application or IoT Edge Connect API to configure access control lists for your namespace configuration.
MQTTWhen enabled, you can publish and receive messages over a secured MQTT connection on port 8883.
MQTT over WebSocketWhen enabled, you can publish and receive messages through a secured MQTT connection over WebSockets on port 443.
HTTPWhen enabled, you can publish and receive messages over a secured HTTP connection on port 443.