Configure HTTPS hostnames

HTTPS is the standard for the delivery of sites and content. To securely serve your content over HTTPS, you need an edge certificate that is verified between the client and the edge server.

Get your certificates

There are multiple ways to get a secure certificate:

  • The default certificate. This certificate is automatically created behind the scenes while you add a new secure hostname to your property.

  • The custom certificate. This is a certificate that's been issued by a third-party Certificate Authority (CA) or through​Akamai​ Certificate Provisioning System (CPS). In this case, you need to set up the certificate before you set up a hostname association in the Property Manager editor.

  • The shared certificate. This is an ​Akamai​-maintained, secure certificate that you can select when setting up your hostname.

For complete details on certificate set up, see Prepare your edge certificates.

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