Content Characteristics - Dynamic Web Content

This behavior and its options allow support for Integrated Cloud Acceleration (ICA). ICA allows you to add more support for Dynamic Web Content for your customers ("subcustomers") through your ​Akamai​ Cloud Embed CDN.

Before you begin

  • You need ICA added to your contract. Contact your account representative for help.
  • To include the Content Characteristics - Dynamic Web Content behavior, you must enable the Dynamic Web Content option in the Subcustomer Enablement behavior for an ACE base configuration. Also, make sure you include both behaviors in the same rule.

How it works

If you enable any of the behavior's options, you can configure them for individual subcustomers. For example, if you enable the SureRoute behavior, you can granularly apply settings for it—enable it, disable it or apply other settings—for each subcustomer. This configuration is done by generating a policy for that subcustomer using the ACE API and defining settings via the Content Characteristics behavior.

For details on the use of this behavior and the generation of individual subcustomer policies to configure it, see the ACE documentation.