The DataStream reporting service provides real-time logs on application activity, including aggregated metrics on complete request and response cycles, as well as origin response times.

How it works

Apply this behavior to report on this set of traffic. Use the DataStream API to aggregate the data.
Requirements and usage details for this behavior are maintained in the DataStream documentation.

If you want to send data in multiple streams, and you have multiple instances of the DataStream behavior in your configuration's rule tree, make sure you add all these streams in every instance of this behavior for your property. Incoming requests can hit only one instance of the DataStream behavior at once, and if that instance is missing the streams in question, they will not send data. See Property Configuration logic.


You chose the Stream1 stream as the default stream, and Stream2 and Stream3 as secondary streams with different destinations. Choose Stream1, Stream2, and Stream3 for each instance of the DataStream behavior in your property configuration to send logs to all of them. When you choose Stream1 in one behavior, and Stream2 with Stream3 in another behavior in the rule tree, Stream1 may not send data if the request hits the other behavior.


On April 4, 2023, the logStreamName parameter in the JSON payload for this behavior changed from a single integer value (e. g. 1234) to an array of string values (e. g. [β€œ1234”, β€œ5678”]).

If you use the Property Manager API, make sure your property accepts single-value payload for your previous rule format, or use the latest rule format and the new payload to prevent errors. Click View JSON payload above the DataStream behavior details in Property Manager to check the latest payload.

Features and options

FieldWhat it doesSub-options
Stream versionSelects the DataStream version to associate with the property. DataStream 2 is the only version currently available (see Sub-options).Choose DataStream 2 for scalable, low latency streaming of raw data for push delivery.

NOTE: DataStream 1 is now deprecated. You might be able to choose DataStream 1 or DataStream 1 and DataStream 2 from the dropdown list for the time being, but selecting other options than DataStream 2 will result in an error.
EnableEnables or disables log collection for this property.
Stream namesLimits the scope of reported data to a specified set of one or more streams. By default, all active streams you choose here report data.

Available when Stream version is set to DataStream 2.
Sampling rateSpecifies the sampling rate to collect logs for this property for all streams configured. This setting overrides the sampling rate configured in the DataStream configuration.

Available when Stream version is set to DataStream 2.
Collect midgress trafficIf enabled, gathers midgress traffic data from within the Akamai platform, such as between two edge servers, for all streams configured.