Cloud Wrapper Advanced

This behavior can only be configured for you by ​Akamai​ Professional Services and isn't directly accessible in the ​Control Center​'s Property Manager application. You can review the behavior options and work with your account representative to have them implemented.

This behavior provides support for Cloud Wrapper failover configurations.

How it works

Cloud Wrapper Advanced requires an enabled Cloud Wrapper behavior in the same rule. It's a read-only behavior that may appear at the bottom of the rule tree in your property. Your account representative uses this area to implement a customized failover configuration on your behalf and per your instruction. Contact your account representative for more information on your specific configuration or to make changes.


Failover is enabled by default, even if you don't add this behavior. Enabling this behavior provides additional failover customization options.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
Enable FailoverEnables or disables the behavior.
Failover MapSpecifies the failover map to handle Cloud Wrapper failures. Contact your account representative for more information.
Custom Failover MapWith Failover Map set to Custom, enter a custom failover map to be applied.

Variable Support: This option supports variable expression syntax. Typing {{ in the option field triggers variable autocomplete. Learn more about variable support.